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Year 1 - Otter

Hello and welcome to Autumn Term 2. 


Please take a look at the things that we will be learning this term. 


English - 'Korka the Mighty Elf'. The genre of this story is 'defeating the baddie'. 


Maths - 1 more, 1 less; counting in 10s; place value; addition and subtraction


Science - Seasonal Change- Autumn and nocturnal animals.


Topic - Van Gogh


P.E - Gym- Balances and Shapes 


P.S.H.E - Belonging


Homework: This term the children will be receiving homework. This will go home with the children on Friday afternoons and we expect the homework back by the following Thursday. The tasks we set may be challenges that can be undertaken in a variety of ways, or it may be a worksheet to complete. We expect the children to do their homework..... not the grown up or siblings! We always welcome comments about how easy/ hard or how enjoyable the children found the work. 


If you can believe it, Christmas is nearly upon us! As such we will shortly be auditioning for roles in our Christmas Play. Please look out for letters regarding costumes and dates of the performances. 


The Year 1 Team x