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Year 2 - Squirrel

Welcome to Year 2 - Squirrel!

Autumn Term 2

This term we will be learning about; 

English- Socks for Santa

Maths- Months of the year, doubling and halving, multiplication and division, shape, money, pattern and symmetry.  

Science- Materials and their properties 

Topic- Pop Art

PE-Gymnastics- Shapes and Holds 

Computing- Gaming.

Jigsaw Jo- Celebrating differences 


Homework- Our homework is changing for this term! Each Friday your child will receive a piece of Phonics homework in their Purple Homework Books. This Homework will consolidate what the children have learn in their Phonics lessons throughout the week. Please complete this and return to school by the following Thursday. 

Alongside their Phonics Homework, the children will also be set weekly projects based around Science. Please check this page to find out what the project for that week is. All pieces of the project should be handed in on Wednesday 5th December. 


Trips- This term the children will be taking a trip to Empire Cinema to watch Hotel Transylvania  3. The children are going to the cinema as part of the 'Into Film Festival'.  


As always, we ask that you continue to support your child's learning at home in any way you can. 


Mrs Woodison  



Spectacular Scientists- Homework Project

Spectacular Scientists- Homework Project  1

Week 3, Thursday 15th November


Hey all! I’m looking forward to hearing all about the scientists you have been learning about this week.


I have very sad news. This week I am having to move house but I don’t have anywhere to go. I really need your help. Can you design me a new house? Please make sure my house keeps me warm, dry and safe. Your house will need to include at least 3 different materials and you will need to explain why you have chosen each material. You can present your house as a drawing with labels or a model.


Thank you so much for your help, thank goodness I have you guys!

Week 2- Thursday 8th November


Hey Buddies!

I hope you enjoyed exploring around your house last week? Did you learn anything new?

This week I would like you to research a famous scientist. Where are they from? What do they do? What amazing things have they found out or invented? You could present this however you like, maybe presented as a factfile with pictures or photos or pretend you have interviewed them for a newspaper article!

Your Spectacular Scientists homework must be kept at home until the hand in date. All pieces must be handed in to your teacher on Wednesday 5tht December.

Spectacular Scientists Homework

(Week 1- Thursday 1st November)

Yo kids! It’s the Material Monster here! It was great meeting you guys this week. Thanks for feeding me those material words, you’re pretty awesome! Guess what? I’m your new homework mascot! Great hey!


This week I’d like you to go on a material hunt around your home. How many things can you find that are made of each material? Do you have anything made of glass? How about wood? Maybe you have something that is made of more than one material? You need to find at least 10 items to stop me feeling hungry and you can present your findings in any way that you like. For example, you could make a grid, a Venn diagram, label some drawings, or use photos.

The main materials are: glass, wood, metal and plastic.


Your Spectacular Scientists homework must be kept at home until the hand in date. All pieces must be handed in to your teacher on Wednesday 5th December.


See ya later dudes!