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Forest School

Year 1 Week 4

This week a troll had invaded Forest School, the children found a note that he had written to his troll friends.  The children decided to make troll traps to catch the troll. They also decided that they needed to make a potion just like Korka in our story in English. The children were very excited to defeat the troll.

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Year 1 - Week 3

This week at Forest School the children had a special treat. It was a very chilly day so to keep ourselves warm we made a fire. We sat round the fire and sang campfire songs. After we had marshmallows and brioche.

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Year 1 - Week 1


The children enjoyed returning to Forest School. We were excited to find lots of exciting things such as a shilling from 1939, a baby lizard, lots of snail and slug eggs. We listened to the birds and saw a heron.

Year 2 – Week 3

The children have had a very busy day at Forest School this week and I’m sure many of the children and adults will sleep well tonight. They started the session making pictures using natural resources. The children had to sort themselves into teams, come up with an idea, place, collect resources and make their picture, all in just 5 minutes. It was really lovely to see the children organise themselves and work together and everyone achieved a fantastic picture. We all then had a look at the hard work and were all very impressed by the different pictures we had, including nature art of a squirrel, tree house and even Mrs Henderson. The children then could choose to collect sticks for Mr White who made a fire in our base camp. Once the fire had burnt down the children toasted marshmallows as their snack. We then had to walk quickly back to school.

Year 2 – Week 2

We have had an amazing day at Forest School celebrating Den Day, to raise money for ‘Save the Children.’ Keep your eye out to find out how much we raised in the school newsletter. The children loved making dens and worked so hard in teams to create them. It was lovely to see how creative each den was and that they were all different, based on the children’s ideas. Last year all the children made a den as a class and I was very impressed to see how imaginative and grown up they all have become. The children used natural resources as well as items they had brought in from home and used a little bit of adult help to reach the tall branches.

After den building Badger class also spotted Mr. Furry-Paws hiding in a tree, after going missing this week. The children enjoyed exploring and many of them decided to carry on building their den or sit and relax in their dens shade.

Year 2 – Week 1

It was very lovely to have all of the children from last year go back to Forest School. The children got straight back into the swing of it, remembering the rules and enjoying time to explore in our beautiful site. Since last year the site has grown, wild flowers are abundant and more creatures are calling our Forest School home. This week we have seen, ducklings, carp, herons, robins, butterflies and even a jay. There were lots of activities to choose from today. The children had the opportunity to create necklaces by sawing wood and drilling holes into them, they then threaded the string through. We will be doing this again another week in case they didn’t get a turn. We also had hot chocolates, which went down well with all of the children. They found it interesting to see how the fire was created and Kelly Kettle worked. Next week we will be den making for Den Day to raise money for Save the Children.


Reception – Week 5

We had an amazingly sunny day at Forest School today. It was a lovely way to finish our sessions. Although it was too hot for a fire, we still had a marshmallow snack, which was thoroughly enjoyed. The children spent their last day honing their woodwork skills. Many children chose to try whittling with peelers and creating magic wands, sawing disks and drilling holes for necklaces. The children also spent lots of time playing on the tree in the shade to keep themselves cool.

Today the children enjoyed –

  • Creating necklaces (this required a lot of time and patience)
  • Whittling magic sticks and wands
  • Seeing dragon flies by the pond

The children have all had such a wonderful time and behaved so fantastically. The adults are looking forward to taking them again in Year 1.

Reception – Week 4

We have been so lucky this week to finally have some dry weather. Although the wood was still a bit damp we tried hard to make a small fire to have hot chocolates. This was a learning curve for the adults and took us quite some time, however, it paid off and the children enjoyed the end result, as did the adults. All the children found it very interesting to see metal fire lighters and the process involved in making a fire. They all helped to collect lots of short, thin sticks.

The children also had a chance to choose and enjoyed exploring all around Forest School.

We are looking forward to next week’s last session.

Reception – Week 3

We were prepared for rain today but fortunately only felt a slight drizzle at Forest School This week the Chiltern Rangers have been working hard making a fence to keep the geese out of Forest School We are crossing our fingers they don’t come back. The children were really excited to try my challenge today and build a den. Both classes did amazingly well and I loved the team spirit shown by all the children. They all worked so hard together to make a den and enjoyed finding the heaviest log; we have some very strong children.


Today the children enjoyed –

  • Making the den and playing inside it
  • Making all sorts of recipes in the mud kitchen
  • Finding all the bugs in the wood piles
  • Working with their friends

Reception – Week 2

We have been super lucky with the sunny weather today. The children were much faster at walking to our site, which meant we had more time to explore. We focused this week on what we could see and hear. Some of us spotted pigeons, robins, geese, butterflies and even ducklings in the river. The children were very relaxed and confident to investigate Forest School after last time. Lots of children chose to make pictures using nature and the results were fantastic, perhaps they would like to try this at home?                        

Our highlights from this week have been:

  • Creating pieces of art
  • Treasure hunting in the ground
  • Speaking on our Forest School phone
  • Playing with the toy birds and making them sing, lots of children loved hearing the birds call back to them

Reception – Week 1

All the teachers and I were so impressed by how sensible and how good at listening the reception children were at their first Forest School session! They had a fantastic first day learning the rules, “Don’t pick, no lick, be careful with that stick.” We had perfect dry weather and had the chance to explore within Forest School.


Our highlights from our first week are:

  • Climbing and jumping off the tree, some children didn’t even need any help – very brave!
  • Finding and catching mini-beasts. Lots of fearless children, picking up and holding spiders, slugs, beetles and even worms.
  • Using charcoal from a leftover fire to draw with
  • Our site is full of interesting old artifacts in the ground, many children enjoying digging within Forest School. We found animal bones and even a very old bell – I wonder where it came from?

Year 1 - Week 5


This week was our last Forest School session and with it we had rather a lot of rain. The children prepared themselves in class by putting on waterproof dungarees and their coats. When we got to Forest School we had a look around the pond to try and spot different animals in nature. We saw a cormorant, heron and swans this week, over the course of the day. The children then worked together to make pictures using natural art. I was impressed at their creativity and enjoyed seeing the various pictures. For the rest of the day the children had great fun playing in the rain. We found lots of worms, climbed the tree and made many mud pies. 


Although the children were sad it was the last Forest School session, they were excited to find out about the competition. Information will be going home with your child about this so please check their book bag and let us know what your child has enjoyed. 

Year 1 - Week 4


This week the children have really enjoyed exploring our Forest School site. We discussed how to keep ourselves safe and we agreed that looking where we are going and what is around us is key. The children then had plenty of time to explore. The children explained what they enjoyed this week:

  • "We saw a rainbow" 
  • "I collected wood for another fire"
  • "I made tea and cake (in the mud area)"
  • "I climbed higher than last time, I did well"
  • "I made a new friend."
  • "We looked for worms and found a long one and a short one."



Year 1 - Week 3


This week at Forest School the children had a special treat. It was a very chilly day so to warm ourselves up we made a fire. Before we made the fire we discussed how to keep ourselves safe. The children then collected sticks and we showed them how to make a fire. We then watched it whilst we sang campfire songs. The children were surprised how hot the fire was, which taught and showed them why we have to be so careful. We then had marshmallows or brioche and some POPCORN! It was a very exciting day even though we all smelt a bit like a bonfire once we came back to school.


Year 1 - Week 2


This week at Forest School Fox Class children were in for a surprise when they met the Forest School bee keeper. Unfortunately, he was there because he is having to relocate the bees due to vandalism. The children were very sad about this and we decided to plant some bee friendly flowers to try and support the bees. The children asked excellent questions and found out what the bee keepers job is, what is has to wear and how he looks after the bees. Although, Otter class didn’t meet the bee keeper we were able to tell them all about his visit. Both class then made dens using sticks and tarpaulin to shelter us. The adults were all very impressed with how the children worked together, moving branches and working alongside children they haven’t played with before. We then all had some exploring time together.

Year 1 – Week 1


The children were very, very excited this week to start their Forest School adventure. The children enjoyed exploring the outside area week and becoming confident to play in the natural environment. Many of the children are not used to playing in mud so it was wonderful to see how much fun they could create digging. We all had a fantastic time and the children were so excited to share what they enjoyed.

Our main highlights this week:

  • Climbing and jumping off the tree, so many tried to go as high as they could! 
  • Finding and catching mini-beasts. The children loved the centipedes.
  • Using charcoal from a leftover fire to draw with