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Year 2 - Badger

Seaside Voyagers Homework (Week 4- Thursday 29th June)


Hi All! I hope you are having a great week. This week I've been thinking about how beautiful the oceans and coasts are. I know you have been learning all about a beach around the world so this week I thought that you could present your beach in art form. You might like to create a model of your beach, a sand picture, a painting or a collage. I don't mind what type of art you use, but I just want to see how beautiful it is!


This will be your last homework for your Seaside Voyager project. Please bring in your completed projects by Friday 7th July so that they can be judged. The winning project will get something very special to take to the beach with them!


Happy crafting!




Harry (the Hammer) :)

Seaside Voyagers Homework (Week 3- Thursday 22nd June)


Howdie! I hope y'all have been enjoying the hot weather this week, it feels like home to me! 


This week I'm feeling all scientific. Petey Polar just text me to say that he is getting really concerned about all this Global Warming malarkey! Apparently, the icebergs are melting, which is effecting his arctic ocean. I love my ocean and don't want it to change either! 


This week, I would love y'all to complete an investigation into Which container melts the ice the fastest? 


To do this, y'all can choose between 3-6 containers e.g. a plastic tub, a glass jar, a wooden box, a tin foil container. Put an ice cube in each once and then watch to see which one melts the fastest (even better if you can put them in the sunshine!). 


Please record how you completed your investigation. This can be in photos, drawings or writing. Also, please send me your results so I can see what happened. 


This is exciting stuff, I can't wait to see what y'all found out!

 Hi Guys, it's me again. I hope y'all had fun choosing your beach location last week.


For your projects this week I would like y'all to choose an animal that could be found in your countries beach or Ocean and write a non chronological (Non-fiction) report on that animal. 

Remember, when you're writing your reports you should add in report phrases such as; did you know, surprisingly, unsurprisingly, have you ever wondered, the majority of etc. You could divide your report into paragraphs and in each paragraph talk about things such as habitat, diet, facts, populations etc. 


I can't wait to read your reports and find out lots about your seaside creatures.



Harry the Hammer (Head)

Seaside Voyagers Homework (Week 1- Thursday 8th June)


Hi guys, it's so nice to meet y'all! My name is Harry the Hammerhead and I live off the Tampa Bay Beach in Florida, USA. My bud, Jona the Jellyfish, has told me that y'all are learning all about the seaside. For your homework this half term I'd like you to come on a seaside voyage with me!


This week I'd like y'all to choose a beach/ seaside location from around the world. You might choose a beach in the beautiful U S of A, the cold shores of the UK, or the tropical sands of Asia. Once y'all have chosen your beach I want you to write me a postcard from that location. On the front you should draw an awesome picture of the beach and on the back you should tell me everything you have been doing at the beach. For example, if I chose Brighton Beach I would write about going on the pier and spending all of my dollars in the arcade. If I chose Blackpool Beach I'd write about eating too much rock and going on the Big Dipper! 


See y'all next week!


Harry the Hammer (Head)

Exploring structures

London Adventure homework (Week 5- Thursday 18th May)


Why hello there. Good to see you again. I am sad to say that this will be our final meeting.


As you are now experts on The Great Fire of London I would like you to imagine that you are the baker working in the Pudding Lane Bakery.  Please bake something delicious. This could be cake, biscuits or bread. Once you have done this, I would like you to write a recipe for the Bakery's recipe book. You might like to include photos of yourself making the delicious treat or the finished product to include in your instructions. 


This is now our final task so once completed please bring in your finished project by Tuesday 23rd May so that our winners can be announced in the assembly on Friday. 


Samuel :)

London Adventure Homework (Week 4- Thursday 11th May)


Hello there! Nice to see you again. I have been thinking about your lovely artwork all week and it has left me feeling very arty- well done! 


So for your homework this week I would like you to use everything you've learnt thus far about London to write some poetry for me to read whilst I'm enjoying my cheese and wine. 


Please write me a poem all about London. It could be an acrostic poem (where you use the letters of LONDON to start each line of the poem), a rhyming poem, or just a lovely description of the city. Once you have planned your poem, I'd like you to write it up in neat and decorate it beautifully. 


Tally ho!


Samuel Pepys

London Adventure Homework (week 3 -Friday 5th May)


Hello all! Hope you have all had a jolly good week. I am really looking forward to learning all about London with you all. As I am not lucky enough to visit this wonderful city and see the sights for myself, this week I would like you to create a piece of art showing one of the important buildings in London today. You might like to choose the London Eye, The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey or an idea of your own. You can use any type of art that you like as I just love art!


Can't wait to see what you create!


Samuel Pepys

London Adventure Homework Week 2 (27th April)


Hello all! I hope you have found out lots for me about London.  London is a very old city and lots of important things have happened here over the years to make it the city that it is today. The fire of 1666 changed London forever and I know all about this first hand but I'd like to know about one of these events: 


-The Plague

-The Suffragette movement

-Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the houses of parliament

-The Great Smog of London


Please can you create a newspaper article imagining that you were in London at the time of one of these important events. 


I look forward to reading it!


Samuel Pepys

London Adventure Homework (Week 1- 20th April 2017)


Welcome back! This half term we will be going on an adventure around our capital city, London. I know an awful lot about London in 1666 but I don't know much about London in 2017! Please can you make me an information brochure all about London as I do love learning!


You could include information on:

Parks in London

Weather in London

Where London is in the world

Places to visit/ Landmarks in London


Remember to keep your project at home and bring it in on Tuesday 23rd May.


Good Luck,


Samuel Pepys

Time Traveller Homework

(Week 5 Thursday 23rd March)


Hi Time Travellers! I hope you've had a great week.


This week I'd like you to look at our current Queen, Queen Elizabeth II. I have never been lucky enough to learn about the royal family and I'm a bit confused as to who is related to who! Could you please make me a family tree for Queen Elizabeth II.





You might like to have Queen Elizabeth II at the top and then look at her descendants (children and grandchildren) or you might like to go further back in time and look at her ancestors (parents and grandparents).


Here is an example of a family tree- you might recognise the family!






Good Luck! Please bring all of your project in by Tuesday 28th March so that we can choose a winner!


Time Traveller Tim

Time traveler Homework

                                      Thursday 16th March   


Hi Guys, 


This week we are visiting one of the most famous monarchs that England has ever seen.... Queen Victoria. 


For your homework this week, I would like you to paint a portrait of this famous Queen or make a bust of her head.


Below is a photograph of her. Use this to help you!


Good luck and I can't wait to see the finished portrait!


                                   Time Traveler Homework 

(Thursday 9th March)  


Hi guys, me again!


I've heard that you're going to Warwick Castle. I was wondering if you could convince me as to why I should go too?


For your homework this week, I would like you to tell me about the best part of the Castle and why you like it and draw me some pictures. You may even like to include some information about how long it took to get there and a map of the castle. 


If you convince me that it's good enough, then I'll go!


Have Fun 



Time Traveller Homework

(Thursday 2nd March- Week 2) 


Hi Guys, it's me again! Did you have fun designing and making a new shield last week? 


I've been talking to my other time traveller friends and they keep mentioning a King called Henry VIII. I'd love to learn a little more about him. He must have been a great man if he was a King and if people still remember him today!


Could you write me back a letter letting me know what you think of Henry VIII. 


I'd like to know your opinion on this famous King! Whether you agree that he was good or actually think he was bad you'll need to give reasons for your opinions to persuade me. Don't forget your persuasive phrases!


Remember, keep this work safe until your teacher asks for it to be handed in before Easter. 


Look forward to hearing from you, 

Time Traveller Tim x


Time Traveller Homework (Thursday 23rd February)


Hi guys, I'm Time Traveller Tim! Are you ready to go on a time travelling adventure with me? This half term we will be learning about the different monarchies of England from the past and taking a visit to some of them. 


This week we are travelling back to a time when there was a big argument between two families. One family was called The House of Lancaster and the other family was called The House of York. Both of these families thought that they should be the on the throne. This battle was called The War of the Roses because the House of York's badge was a white rose and the House of Lancaster's badge was a red rose.



House of York




House of Lancaster 



Eventually the two families united. The problem is they now need a new family badge! Can you design a new family badge to symbolise the union of the two families?


As before, please keep your project safely at home until Tuesday 28th March when it will be due in so that your teachers can see your fantastic work and choose this project's winners!

This Term in Year 2 we are Learning About;


English: Sleeping Beauty 

Maths: money; Time; Problem solving; Division; Number 

Science: Plants

Topic: Castles 

PE: Football 

PSHE: Philosophy for Children/peer massage/ clapping games 

Computing: Power point 



Something Extra Special- The children were amazing in their Year Two Christmas performance!

Cinema Trip. We loved visiting the cinema. For some of us, it was the first time!!!

Diwali- Year 2 had lots of fun making Diya lamps, lanterns, Rangoli patterns and elephants for Diwali

Trip to High Wycombe - we had so much fun yesterday, look at our pictures!