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Year 2 - Badger

This half term in Badger Class we will be learning:


English:  Room on the Broom

Maths:  Numbers

Science: Healthy Me

Topic:  High Wycombe Then and Now

PE:  Rugby

PHSE: Being me in my world

Computing:  Logging on and off, making files and folders.

The Wycombe Wonderers Homework

(Week 2- Thursday 21st September)


Hello my little lovelies! I hope you have all had a super week and enjoyed completing your first activity in the project.


This week I went for a bit of a cruise down the river Thames and I ended up in Marlow where I met my old friend Sammie. He has never been to High Wycombe and so he was asking me lots of questions. So for your activity this week I would like you to make Sammie an information leaflet all about our town of High Wycombe. You could do this on the computer or by hand and could include information on the history of the town, its location, special places to visit in the town etc. You might like to include photos, printed pictures or draw pictures of your own. I know that Sammie will be very pleased to read all of your information.


Well that's all for now. Don't forget to keep everything safe at home until the end of the half term.


Bye bye my little lovelies!


Swanny xx

The Wycombe Wonderers Homework

(Week 1- Thursday 14th September)


Why hello there little fellows! My name is Swanny the swan and I am here to tell you all about your homework project this half term. In Topic you are learning all about the town of High Wycombe and how it has changed over time so for your project you are going to be The Wycombe Wonderers...oooh I just love wondering!


This week I am wondering how you came to be in High Wycombe. I flew in with my flock many years ago now and have enjoyed my days floating up and down the river Wye. Were you born here? Did your family come here for work? Did you have family in High Wycombe to join?


You might like to write a recount of how your family came to High Wycombe, create a timeline, make a photo diary or write a story. 


Remember to keep your homework at home safely and your teacher will ask you to bring in your completed project at the end of the half term on Wednesday 18th October.


Good Luck!


Swanny xx

Exploring structures 2016/17

Something Extra Special- The children were amazing in their Year Two Christmas performance! 2016/17

Cinema Trip. We loved visiting the cinema. For some of us, it was the first time!!! 2016/17

Diwali- Year 2 had lots of fun making Diya lamps, lanterns, Rangoli patterns and elephants for Diwali. 2016/17

Trip to High Wycombe - we had so much fun yesterday, look at our pictures! 2016/17