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Year 2 - Badger


Summer Term (2)

Wow! how time has flown and we are now fast approaching the end of Year 2!


English - The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark

Maths - Problem Solving, estimation, shape, measures and data collection.

Science - A Better World - Caring for the Environment 

Topic - Oceans and Seas

PE - Sports Day practise and outdoor games (please make sure your child has plimsolls or outdoor Velcro PE shoes)

PSHE - Changing as I grow

Homework - Seaside Voyagers



Seaside Voyagers - last piece (4)

Well! What a busy week I’ve had! I’m sorry that I wasn’t around to give you any homework last week. You’ll never guess where I was… trying to scare off the pirates! That’s right! Pirates have taken over my favourite island! Luckily these pirates seem quite friendly so far! It looks like they have been very busy digging a large hole… I wonder if they have some treasure!


Imagine you were a pirate… where would you bury your treasure?


Can you draw / make / design on the computer a treasure map?


It must come with a set of detailed instructions so that when you come back you know exactly how to find it!


This is the last piece of the Seaside Voyagers project and it should all be handed in by Monday 16th July so that winners can be chosen!

Seaside Voyagers Homework (Week 3- Friday 22nd June)


Hi All! I hope you are having a great week and have recovered after all that sport! This week I've been thinking about how beautiful the oceans and coasts are.


I know you have been learning all about a beach from around the world so this week I thought that you could present your beach in art form.


You might like to create a model of your beach, a sand picture, a painting or a collage. I don't mind what type of art you use, but I just want to see how beautiful it is!


Happy crafting!

Love Henry the Hammer (Shark) :)

Seaside Voyagers (week 2)

Hi Guys, it's me again. I hope y'all had fun choosing your beach location last week.


For your projects this week I would like y'all to choose an animal that could be found on your beach or Ocean and write a non-chronological (Non-fiction) report on that animal.


Remember, when you're writing your reports you should add in report phrases such as; did you know, surprisingly, unsurprisingly, have you ever wondered, the majority of etc.

You could divide your report into paragraphs and in each paragraph talk about things such as habitat, diet, facts, populations etc.


I can't wait to read your reports and find out lots about your seaside creatures.



Henry the Hammer (Head)


This project is due in Monday 16th JULY 2018

Seaside Voyagers Homework


(Week 1- Friday 8th June)



Hi guys, it's so nice to meet y'all! My name is Henry the Hammerhead and I live off the Tampa Bay Beach in Florida, USA. My bud, Jona the Jellyfish, has told me that y'all are learning all about the seaside. For your homework this half term I'd like you to come on a seaside voyage with me!

This week I'd like y'all to choose a beach/ seaside location from around the world. You might choose a beach in the beautiful U S of A, the colder shores of the UK, or the tropical sands of Asia. Once y'all have chosen your beach I want you to write me a postcard from that location. On the front you should draw an awesome picture of the beach and on the back you should tell me everything you have been doing at the beach. For example, if I chose Brighton Beach I would write about going on the pier and spending all of my dollars in the arcade. If I chose Blackpool Beach I'd write about eating too much rock and going on the Big Dipper!

See y'all next week!

Henry the Hammer (Head)

Amazing balances in gymnastics

Wycombe Wonderers Project Winners

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