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Year 2 - Badger


Spring Term (2)

During this half term Year 2 will be learning about...


English - Our main story is Sleeping Beauty

Maths - Multiplication, division, fractions, and problem solving

Science - Plants

Topic - Castles

Computing - Powerpoint presentations

PE - Gymnastics

PSHE - Being Healthy




Time Traveller Homework Week 1

(Thursday 22nd February)


Hi guys, I'm Time Traveller Tim! Are you ready to go on a time travelling adventure with me? This half term we will be learning about the different monarchies of England from the past and taking a visit to some of them.


This week we are travelling back to a time when there was a big argument between two families. One family was called The House of Lancaster and the other family was called The House of York. Both of these families thought that they should be the on the throne. This battle was called The War of the Roses because the House of York's badge was a white rose and the House of Lancaster's badge was a red rose.



House of York




House of Lancaster


Eventually the two families united. The problem is they now need a new family badge! Can you design a new family badge to symbolise the union of the two families?


As before, please keep your project safely at home until Tuesday 27th March when it will be due in so that your teachers can see your fantastic work and choose this project's winners!

Amazing balances in gymnastics

Wycombe Wonderers Project Winners

Wycombe Wonderers Project Winners 1
Wycombe Wonderers Project Winners 2
Wycombe Wonderers Project Winners 3
Wycombe Wonderers Project Winners 4

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