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Year 1 - Fox

Each half term the class page will be updated to show you what your child is learning in school. We will also be sending pictures regularly of your child learning in school to the target tracker app. Please enquire within school if you are still unable to access this. 


The children enjoyed Forest School and the pictures are available on the Forest School page.


Please remember that we will change your child's reading book as often as required, just hand it in on the morning it needs changing. Please ensure your child's book is in their bag, so we can read it with them at school. 


Welcome to Year 1 - Fox Class!


Summer, Term 2


English - This term we will be reading and learning the story 'The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr Benn - Spaceman'.  Mr Benn loves to go on adventures - we will be using the story to write our own journey stories! 

Within handwriting we will be focusing on cursive letter formation and how to join the letters together. At home you may wish to practise writing words joined up. In phonics we will continue to learn new sounds and spell common words correctly.


Maths - This term we will be learning about addition and subtraction facts to 20, writing numbers as words, 3D shapes, simple multiplication and division, and measuring time.


Science - This term we will be recapping our learning from throughout the year through investigations and experiments! We will cover materials, plants and pollination, animals, our bodies and if we have time we might even make a volcano and some slime! 


Topic - For our final topic we will be looking at a The Olympics. We will be looking through history and learn about the Ancient Greeks, placing different countries on a world map, learning about flags, learning about different sports, researching famous olympians and enjoying our own mini Olympic Games for Sports Day! 


Computing - This term we will be thinking about how to use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint 


P.E - In P.E the children will be outdoors practising different events for Sports Day as well as some other sports such as tennis, rounders and cricket. 

In Dance the children will be thinking about rhythm and learning Disney dances with their teachers. 


P.S.H.E - We will be discussing all the exciting changes we are about to go through, leaving Year One, moving class, new teachers etc! 

Visit to St Anne's church

We enjoyed sharing toast and our holiday news this morning

Planting day - some children brought plants in, we are looking forward to seeing them bloom!

Children in need day

This week we went on a 2D shape walk. Which shapes can you see?