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Marsh Infant and Nursery School

What if I need to complain?

Firstly we would always say come into school and talk to your child’s class teacher and/or a member of the team.


However parents have the following rights of redress, should the school, governors or LA fail in its duty to provide, of if the parent disagrees with a decision or feels that there is discriminatory practice:


  • The school’s or LA’s complaint procedure.

  • The disagreement resolution service (for disagreements between parents/child and the LA or parents/child and the educational provider).

  • Complaints to OFSTED (about whole SEND provision rather than in relation to individual children and where the complaints procedure has not resolved the complaint).

  • An appeal to the SEND First-Tier Tribunal about EHC assessments/plans and/or disability discrimination. This must follow mediation, unless it is a complaint over the naming of a school placement.

  • A complaint to the LA Ombudsman (for complaints against LAs if not resolved through the LA complaints procedure).

  • Complaint to the Secretary of State (against schools or LAs).