Welcome to the Autumn Term!

Marsh Infant and Nursery School

How is my child’s progress measured?

Your child’s progress is measured at different points throughout the year and will vary according to the where they are in the school.  For example, if your child is in the Nursery or Foundation Stage, they will have a Learning Journal which tracks developmental stages rather than national curriculum levels.


Your child’s progress will be continually monitored by the class teacher and formally each term at pupil progress meetings held within school. Pupil progress meetings are scheduled following termly assessments for all year groups. In addition to this and at the end of Key Stage 1 most children will sit a Standard Assessment Test (SATs). SATs results are published locally and nationally.


Up until 2015 your child would have been assigned a national curriculum level for Speaking and Listening Reading, Writing, Maths and Science in Key Stage 1.  These levels have been replaced by bands for each year group to show how they are performing against Age Related Expectations. There are also “P scale” measurements of progress for children who are not yet working at Age Related Expectation (ARE).  These show smaller but significant steps of progress your child may have made.