Welcome to the Autumn Term!

Marsh Infant and Nursery School

How do we monitor your child’s progress and how do we keep you informed?

Your child’s progress is continually monitored by their class teacher and is formally reviewed each term at pupil progress meetings. Your child’s class teacher, the SENDCO, the head teacher and other adults working with your child will attend these meetings and will discuss the range of provision and support your child may need.  It is important that any provision put in place to support your child is successful and makes a difference to their learning and well-being.


If your child is being given any additional support, they will be placed on a provision map which will include the following: agreed outcomes, type and frequency of provision, adults involved, review date and whether outcomes have been met. Not all children on a provision map will be at SEND support.


If your child receives significant support they may have an Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.) which outlines the ways in which provision for your child has been personalised and targeted. An I.E.P. will normally have three or four targets around your child’s specific needs and the strategies that are being put in place to support your child.


The school uses the Assess, Plan, Do and Review graduated approach as outlined in the SEND Code of Practice 2014. This means that your child is constantly kept under review and that if they are not making progress through a particular provision or support, staff can consider alternative approaches.


You will be kept informed of your child’s progress in a variety of ways including, termly meetings, informal discussions, parent evenings and consultation meetings.


If your child has a Statement or EHC Plan, their progress will be reviewed as above and in addition to this formally reviewed at an annual review where all adults involved with the child’s education are invited to attend or submit reports.